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Among the Orientalists, there were well-known academicians, translators, linguists and literary critics, historians and source researchers.


The nomzodlik dissertation educated by these scholars develop and improve the Oriental science in our country nowadays. Orientalist-philologist- researcher of Iranian studies, chemist, doctor of philology, academician Field of Scientific direction — History of natural nomzodlik dissertation, chemistry in the East, medicine, medicine history, and literary literature.

nomzodlik dissertation

Orientalist-philologist- researcher of Iranian studies, doctor of philology, academician. Scientific direction- Uzbek classic literature, literary source, textual criticism.

nomzodlik dissertation

Author of more than scientific papers. Orientalist-historian- Iranian, doctor of historical sciences, academician.


Scientific direction — History of peoples and cultures of Uzbekistan, Central Asian peoples medieval literature, history of Temur and Temurids. He is the author of numerous monographs, nomzodlik dissertation scientific books and brochures, brochures and scientific and educational articles.

nomzodlik dissertation

Orientalist-historian-Arabian, doctor of historical sciences, academician. Scientific direction — the modern history of Uzbekistan, the issue of history, and agrarian relations.

nomzodlik dissertation

He is the author of 14 monographs, several brochure and articles, and about 80 scientific papers. Orientalist-philologist-Iranian, Doctor of Philology, Professoracademician.

Full Member of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan nomzodlik dissertation Scientific direction — Turkic languages, poetry, Navoiologist. Participant dissertatoon several political ideologies essay topics conferences on nomzodlik dissertation Almaty, ; Nukus, ; Ufa, ; Istanbul, Orientalist-philologist-Iranian, doctor of philology, professor, academician.]