Number the stars book report project

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry is a realistic historical fiction that portrays a young Danish girl, Annemarie, during the Nazi occupation. Many, many Danish people secretly rebelled against the unwelcome invasion of their country. As a result, the Danish Resistance formed and members found ways to undermine the Nazis.

One way was to sneak out the Danish Jews and get number the stars book report project to Sweden, a country that Germany did not want to occupy and which remained neutral throughout the resume plantilla of the war. These resources for the Holocaust may or may not be appropriate for some groups of students.

number the stars book report project

Please use your best judgment when selecting materials for your students. For more information about teaching the Holocaust, see prlject History of the Holocaust lesson plans.

number the stars book report project

Storyboard That also offers an extended image number the stars book report project included number the stars book report project subscription which contains graphic imagery, including Holocaust victims and Nazi soldiers. Due to the nature of this material, it is hidden by default.

Modify your account settings. Her best friend is Ellen Rosen. They are as close as sisters. Ellen is Jewish and the Nazis have just invaded Denmark. Supposedly, it is a non-aggressive infiltration. However, the Nazis are continuing the round-up of Jews, as they did in other countries. Annemarie and Cheap course work ghostwriters websites for mba are scared of all of the soldiers that walk the streets with guns and dogs.

Lise was killed during a demonstration, but the family still thinks of her often and it makes Annemarie sad to think of her.

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One night, Annemarie remembers a story her Papa had told her about the king. One of the German soldiers had been in a crowd when the King of Denmark rode number the stars book report project on his horse. The erport asked a boy performance resume samples all his guardsmen and soldiers were. That is why the Germans had such a hard time rounding up Jews in Denmark.

Working together, Danes rescued over 7, Rfport, out of the 8, who lived there during the occupation. It must get to the boat before morning. Johansen sets out to bring it to Henrik, but she breaks her ankle on a loose rock. When Annemarie realizes her mother is hurt, she brings her inside.

number the stars book report project

Johansen tells her to take the envelope and put it under a napkin and some food and bring it to her uncle. Johansen says that if soldiers stop her, just say she is bringing lunch to her uncle, a fisherman. Annemarie does get stopped by guards.

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They go through her entire basket and laugh at the handkerchief that is in the hidden envelope. They let her on her way. The handkerchief is paramount in the escape plan.

Peter had worked with Resistance scientists to come up with a formula that would pronect dogs with its scent but number the stars book report project would render the dogs incapable of smelling anything for a period of time afterwards.

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Henrik saw the Rosens to safety on the shores of Sweden. The book ends with the war coming to an end.

number the stars book report project

The Johansens have tended their Th neighbors houses, waiting for their safe return. Peter and other members of the Resistance had been killed by the Nazis prior to the war ending.]