Cover letter for postdoc position in organic chemistry

Hi, Everyone! Please help me with a cover letter for a postdoctoral position in organic chemistry.

cover letter for postdoc position in organic chemistry

Cover letter for postdoc position in organic chemistry should be intentionally omitted personal data in quotes. Any comments, corrections or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Recently I submitted my PhD thesis entitled as «title». As I plan to carry out my research work at the junction of enantioselective organocatalysis, CH-activation lettsr heterocyclic chemistry, the position in your research group seems to be very attractive.

I noticed that you deal with N-heterocyclic organocatalysts. Besides your publications, I familiarized myself with several reviews «review 1», «review 2», «review 3» and found out that MacMillan organocatalysis is an exceptionally fruitful research area.

What is your resume score?

Moreover, recently I had an opportunity to listen to an exciting lecture delivered by Prof. To be entirely sure of the right choice, I asked people who may know you, and received a positive reference. Thus, Dr. During my work I dealt with numerous Michael acceptors. Among them are not only various «substance name», but also «substance name» and «substance name», so I have an experience in the synthesis and chemical transformations of these electrophiles, potentially interesting for MacMillan organocatalysis.

But the most intriguing products one can expect from the interaction of Brestlow intermediate and «substance name». I also worked with a lot of organofluorine compounds as well as «substance name».

As you may notice, the focus analysis essay of lincolns gettysburg address my research work done so far is shifted towards the classical organic chemistry rather than innovative and nowadays popular C-H activation, organocatalysis, MOF, metal-catalyzed coupling reactions, etc.

In the same time I am no less ready to take on cover letter for postdoc position in organic chemistry completely unfamiliar project that you may propose relating to enantioselective organocatalysis. It would be more interesting and encouraging because I always try to broaden my horizons.

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I'm well qualified for a job with your group-with the confidence, maturity, resume typing format, and references to cover letter for postdoc position in organic chemistry up oragnic qualifications. I also hope that my current background and skills in lettr with the desire to contribute to the most innovative chemical concepts can be useful in your research.

Please find attached my CV, list of publications, PhD thesis, and list of referees. It is without hesitation that I personally have no doubt about a win-win collaboration that can be implemented in your group with my participation. I would be grateful if you could find time to answer me and to discuss the possibility of the employment.

cover letter for postdoc position in organic chemistry

I expect civer receive my doctorate degree in organic chemistry in March-Apriland am writing to explore the possibility of employment as a synthetic chemist at your «city name» location, particularly at «institution name».

Thank you very much for helping me! What about grammar? I'm not native speaker. And I forgot to mention that the professor whom I'm addressing in this letter is of a Chinese descent.

cover letter for postdoc position in organic chemistry

Should it exert some influence on the writing style? If yes, how can I improve the cover letter? Grammar seems ok, it is the flow you need to pay your attention.]