Wheaton college career services cover letter

How to Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letter

Cover letters are an opportunity to connect the dots between your liberal arts education, your skills, interests, and experience, and the requirements of the job. Complex thesis definition will assess you based on the writing and the message you send — so make sure both of them are strong and error-free.

wheaton college career services cover letter

If someone has referred you to the position or organization, e. Be sure you have their permission to include their name! Match your cover letter font to your resume font, and keep a consistent personal brand in all your documents.

Is it interesting and persuasive?

Tips for Writing an Effective Cover Letter

Does it tell a compelling story of your college experience, your pertinent qualifications and skills, and a bit of your personality? Re-read it from the employer's perspective.

wheaton college career services cover letter

Does it answer the question: "Why should I hire you? Thank them for their consideration.

wheaton college career services cover letter

Then have several people proofread your letter for persuasiveness, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and typographical errors. Your letter must be neat and absolutely error-free.

Why Tailor Your Documents?

Realize the reader will view the cover letter as an example of your written communication skills. Decide whether it is best to send your cover letter in the body catering manager sample resume your email or whether you're going to attach it as a separate document.

Including your lettre letter in wheaton college career services cover letter body of your email is generally more convenient and preferred for hiring managers, but if formatting is highly important to you or the employer, attaching a PDF is also acceptable.

If a cover letter is optional, submit one!

wheaton college career services cover letter

Download a PDF of this page. Cover Letter Tips and Outline. Pro Tip. Download a Cover Letter Template.]