Example of a college resume for a highschool senior

Though many professionals create a resume to secure new employment, resumes can also be required as part of a college application.

High school students can use resumes to showcase their work history, accomplishments, club involvement, hobbies and more.

example of a college resume for a highschool senior

To have a successful application, it's important to x format and use a resume to highlight your best accolades. In this article, we outline the steps necessary to create a high school resume for college, with tips and examples you can use to create your own.

A resume is a document that showcases your educational background, experience skills and expertise. A resume is often one to two pages in length and provides a summarized version of your critical analysis proofreading for hire uk background. They are typically used to land a new job and are often sent to hiring managers along with your cover letter.

Using your resume, recruiters determine whether or not aa qualifications meet those of the job they're hiring for. Many individuals tailor their resume to the industry they're in and use it to highlight their best qualifications since it's often their first impression to hiring managers. Related: Resume Samples and Templates.

When you create a high school resume, there are certain elements to keep in mind to properly showcase your accomplishments. Here are the steps example of a college resume for a highschool senior follow when creating your high school resume for your college application:. As you make your way through high school, it's important to keep track of your hobbies, awards, accomplishments and activities you're involved in.

example of a college resume for a highschool senior

This will remind you of what you did throughout high school, beginning with your freshman year. It will also let you see where you need to improve.

How to Write a College Resume In a Nutshell

For example, if you don't hiighschool any volunteer work listed, it gives you time to gather volunteer experience before submitting your high school resume. Before writing your resume, consider the sections you want to include and what you ultimately want to highlight.

example of a college resume for a highschool senior

Consider the college you're applying to and what skills and experience could help your application. Refer to the list you created in the last step and think of what you want to showcase on your example of a college resume for a highschool senior and what's the most relevant.

Create a resume outline that will lay the foundation for your resume. This is essentially a framework or blueprint that paper airplanes research where you want every section to go on your resume. A resume outline will help you better organize your thoughts and ensure you're highlighting everything you set out to.

What should go on a college resume?

Next, start creating your resume. Begin by writing your full name, address, city, state and ZIP code. You should also include your phone number and email address.

example of a college resume for a highschool senior

Make sure the email address you use is professional. After your name and contact information, create a section where you'll essentially write a resume summary or objective. This part of your resume should state who you are, your intention with the resume and any relevant skills that set you apart from other candidates.

Free College Application Resume Template

This section should outline your goals and essentially work as a tagline for your resume. Next, create hihhschool section for you to list your educational background. This will be a list of any high schools you attended or are currently attending. Include the name of your high school, the town it's in and when you expect to graduate.]