Common college essay cliches

Your essay can be the difference between an acceptance and rejection — it allows you to stand out from the rest of applicants with similar profiles.

common college essay cliches

Submit clihces Review an Essay — for free! What makes a good college essay? The Four Core Questions are at the heart of college essays and answering them is critical. Those questions are:.

NUMBER ONE: The Amazing Epiphany

By common college essay cliches these questions, a student is able to share information that is comnon hard to ascertain with admissions officials—things like personality traits, personal journey, interests, skills, and ambitions.

A better strategy is for students to pick one experience that stands above the rest and write about how it shaped the person they are today.

common college essay cliches

This is especially effective for any experiences that would benefit from further explanation, or those that have an interesting common college essay cliches. You might choose to focus on that aspect of your identity and what it means to you. This would be another strong topic. Another traditional conmon structure is telling a narrative over sample resume trade extended period of time.

How to Avoid These 5 College Admissions Essay Clichés

This structure incorporates a handful of different experiences that are joined by a common thread. If you have a story of growth, change, or development, this is the classic common college essay cliches structure for you. An example of this might be a football player who was embarrassed to admit he liked writing and poetry, but how he eventually became a published author, and came to accept and cimmon his identity as a poet.

common college essay cliches

Unfortunately, these lessons and stories have been told in numerous movies and books, along with countless college essays. For example, instead of an applicant talking about how their team trained and improved to beat their rivals or win collegr championship, they should write about a common college essay cliches way that sports shaped who they are.

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Along common college essay cliches similar line, a student could write about discovering their motivation for playing sports. The U. Consequently, these immigrant themes are ones that every admissions officer has read before:. Asian students, in particular, should avoid immigrant-themed essays, as they have a harder time getting into college due to demographics, and this topic only calls attention to their background.]

common college essay cliches