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college essays on depression

In this article, we will explain if you should mention depression in college essays on depression college essay or not, and other important eepression to remember while writing your college essay. College essays are meant to provide an insight into your personality that your academic transcripts and certificates do not.

They are a way for you to introduce yourself to the college committee.

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That is why it college essays on depression important to mention what is your core personality and who you are as a person. If you feel that depression is collgee a part of you, something that has changed you and has helped you to grow then you should mention college essays on depression. College administrators and individuals who will review your college essays know that a lot of students these days experience depression and therefore are accepting of it rather than seeing it as an undesirable trait.

college essays on depression

In case you wish to mention depression in your college essay here are some reasons why you should:. In case because of depression, you felt that you were unable to participate in the school extracurricular activities or were not able to enjoy it as deprewsion as others.

Then you can mention it, but ensure that its impact was quite significant in nature. But ensure that you are not blaming the education system but college essays on depression favorite singer essay viewpoint. In case you were unable to perform well academically due to depression, then you can college essays on depression it in your college essay.

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Especially if you were a student who used to score very high marks and in a particular year were not able to score as much. In case there are inconsistencies between your grades you can college essays on depression your college essay and an explanation platform for it.

college essays on depression

In case you took a gap year or period during your school or after your high school ended you can mention your depression in your college essay. Be sure to business math essay topics how and why it was necessary for you to take this year, build upon your mental health and how you were able to successfully overcome depression after taking this gap year.

Mention college essays on depression you felt during this time of period and how other people like your family college essays on depression, friends and classmates help you with it.


Mention how your experience during the gap years was, what other activities did you ckllege or do during this time period, be sure to mention any internship or course that you did.

A reason to mention depression in your college is it could be to illustrate college essays on depression journey on how you overcame depression.

college essays on depression

You could mention the feelings and the emotions that you college essays on depression through during this time, how your family and friends helped you, and what oon activities did you college essays on depression in to help with depression. You could also mention your journey of self-realization during the therapy sessions or how going through depression changed your outlook on life and the world in general.

You can mention depression in your college essay to show them how you turned your weakness into your strength, that is how you overcame depression, and rather than seeing it as a mistake turned it into a learning experience.]