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Home » Business Plans » Automotive Sector ». Do you want to start a Quick Lube company and need to write sample business plan lubricants business plan? Businesses in this industry are very important to the general automotive industry. The process of changing the oil in a car can be very daunting and not every car owner will be willing to try.

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Although it is a relatively simple process, a lot of sample business plan lubricants owners do not want to take the time to do it or do not want to get their hands stained with dirt and oil. Car owners instead prefer to pay someone else to do it for them. This and many more reasons are why starting your own quick lube business can provide a way to help customers.

sample business plan lubricants

Businesses in this industry change motor oil, lubricate the chassis of automotive vehicles and provide other automotive repair sample business plan lubricants maintenance services, such as tire rotations and liquid flushes.

Unlike auto mechanics, businesses in this industry do not offer mechanical and electrical repair and maintenance. These businesses are also not involved sample business plan lubricants body, paint, interior or glass repair. The Oil Change Services in the US industry consists of Conventional oil changes, semi-synthetic oil changes, full synthetic oil changes, automotive oil changes, car washing and cleaning services, other maintenance services and high-mileage oil changes.

According to reports, the industry is fragmented; the 50 biggest companies generate less than 40 percent of revenue.

sample business plan lubricants

Experts believe that demand in this industry is driven by the amount of driving that consumers do and by new car sales. The profitability of individual companies depends on convenient location and good marketing.

Lubricants Distributor Financial Plan

Bigger companies have an advantage in libricants recognition, but the operations of businesz locations are similar. Small companies can compete successfully by owning favorable locations. Major services are oil changes, installation of new oil filters, chassis lubrication, and preventative maintenance. Routine maintenance services like adjusting tire pressure, sample business plan lubricants windshield wipers, replacing light bulbs, and topping off auto fluid levels are usually done in 10 minutes or less.

Typically, more than 70 percent of revenue is from oil changes. A typical location performs about busness, jobs per month. Most locations operate write a letter to alcohol to five bays in a drive-through building, sample business plan lubricants many use basement construction so that oil can be changed below while other services are being completed above.

However, to keep capital investments low and offer quick sample business plan lubricants relocation, vehicle lifts can be used rather than basements. Easy On Oil will serve the San Diego, California market with four convenient locations and will grow into a business with excellent sales within 3 years.]

sample business plan lubricants