Gps business plan

gps business plan

Initially, the manufacturing of our devices will be subcontracted, while we develop the supporting software and systems internally, although we plan gps business plan manufacture our products in-house in future years. Unlike our competitors, we have military-inspired proprietary technology patents applied for which allows many of our gps business plan to work with or without the presence of cellular towers, enabling their use anywhere in the world, including cities, deserts, oceans, lakes, mountains, or anywhere else adventurous travelers find themselves.

gps business plan

Our products are also distinct in that they are gps business plan thesis theoretical fully programmable. Our systems can be customized by the end user for his or her unique, individual applications — for example, maritime applications which include a water-activated signal as gps business plan a crewman falls overboard are different from those required in business applications.

Market Our primary target markets include, but are not limited to, gps business plan family consumer, channel sales to original equipment manufacturers OEMsbusinesses tracking shipments or vehicles, the military, and the political arena. Because of our unique proprietary programming capabilities for each individual unit, we have already received indications of interest from several of these target markets, including one branch of the U.

We predict our systems will also appeal strongly to families concerned about the safety of their loved ones. Sadly, child abduction is on the rise globally. More than 2, children are reported missing each day in the Great consulting resume examples. At the other end of the age spectrum, there are 4.

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We believe our devices will greatly reduce these figures in both cases, while potentially saving lives. Bloome and Andrew F. Siska, businezs been associates gps business plan over gps business plan years; they create the perfect synergy to ensure the success of our company.

Steven M. Bloome is a Sales and Marketing Management veteran with more than 25 years of successfully penetrating previously unseen markets niches, partnering with other companies in win-win scenarios, and creating national presence for companies.

gps business plan

He is also, accomplished in launching new products. Andrew F. Siska is a Chief Electronic Engineer with 20 years experience, and is considered an expert in his field, having previously designed devices for military applications, medical imaging systems, computers and more. RQM Technologies has identified three types of objectives that will serve as challenging but gps business plan goals for the organization.

They are:.]

gps business plan