Business plan low temperture geothermal

And while tapping into geothermal heat is by no means a new concept, the resource does have certain advantages over other renewables like wind and solar, business plan low temperture geothermal as they relate to issues of availability.

Karl envisioned the hotel would serve as a calling card to his resort at Chena Hot Springs. Two years later, Karl swapped the diesel generators that powered the resort in favor of a geothermal system that captures the natural heat of the hot springs.

business plan low temperture geothermal

Initially, Karl tasked a young engineer with designing a system that would produce hydroelectricity from a nearby creek. But like any engineer, Holdmann was relentlessly curious.

business plan low temperture geothermal

She recognized that the difference in temperature between the hot business plan low temperture geothermal and the business plan low temperture geothermal water resource available at the springs—the two main factors in a successful geothermal equation—was actually similar to other small geothermal plants in the Lower The PureCycle system was then tailored to fit the hot spring at Chena, and together the companies demonstrated that off-the-shelf refrigeration equipment could be used to generate power.

Today, Chena Hot Springs is the highest-capacity geothermal power plant in the state, fueled by the lowest temperature water used for commercial production in the world. West of Dutch Harbor on the island of Unalaska lies one of the most historically active volcanoes in the Aleutians.

Ounalashka Corporation, which owns 51 percent of OCCP, issued the joint venture more than 7, acres of land to move the project forward.

business plan low temperture geothermal

That project is going to need a source business plan low temperture geothermal local energy and if its location is in close proximity to a geothermal resource, then geothermal geothdrmal be a solution. The second phase of the project, Karl explains, is installing 40 acres of greenhouse that would producepounds of food each week, similar to the set-up at Chena but on a much larger scale.

Phase three will tackle the carbon emissions produced by the geothegmal fishing fleet in America.

But First, Some History

Tempertufe to realizing this grand vision is securing the proper financing, an overarching challenge facing renewable energy projects worldwide. By the end of this year—things are going to look a lot different.

In March, Utah-based Raser Power Systems of parent company Cyrq was issued an exploration permit for roughly 6, acres of state land located near Mount Spurr. And for good reason. One of the things that makes geothermal such an attractive resource is business plan low temperture geothermal it can be harnessed in a few different ways.

Direct Use Geothermal

As well as creating electricity from hot water or steam, geothermally heated water can also be used directly as a heating source. What exactly cheap assignment ghostwriting websites online advances are remains unclear, and Raser was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

Despite business plan low temperture geothermal obvious, long-term benefits of swapping hydrocarbons for hydrothermal, the upfront investment needed to kickstart these projects continues to hinder their progress— especially without a clear energy strategy in place. Peterson agrees, pointing to the state and federal subsidies that have been key to previous geothermal efforts.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

A geothermal project will probably need to be subsidized in some way if it is not providing a very specific solution to a very specific problem. To echo the bullish Karl once more, by the end of the year… things really could look a lot different.

business plan low temperture geothermal

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