How to write a music marketing plan

Without marketing, nobody will ever hear your music. Creating music is art.

Musician Marketing Plans Guide Part I

Each new riff, beat or song lyric is your soul poured into examples of literary essay. Music is also a business — a billion-dollar business. If you hope to make money on your music, it must also be a successful business. Each composition represents another product and products require marketing.

The biggest question every artist must face: How do I get how to write a music marketing plan music out there for people to hear?

Why Musicians Need Marketing Plans

The answer is easy; the method is complex. You must effectively market your music in order to connect with the ears that want to hear it.

how to write a music marketing plan

People — Your Audience 3 2. Placement — Reaching Your Audience 8 5. Promotion 8. Selling your music requires a multi-faceted, holistic approach that goes well beyond posting your track to YouTube and spamming your Facebook friends.

how to write a music marketing plan

Marketing your music requires an in-depth understanding of who will listen, how much they will pay, quote for business plan where they will hear it.

People — Your Audience Start by identifying your intended audience to come up with a plan of attack. Who would most likely listen to markeging music? Paint a picture of your ideal listeners. Know their age, gender, race. Do they have a how to write a music marketing plan geographic location?

Some music speaks to regional tastes and trends. Product — The Music It goes without saying that your first step as a musician is the creation of your music. Your music is the product that you will sell to the world.

Make sure it sounds as good as possible. You sound great, the recording sounds great. Stress quality over quantity.

1. Develop Your Brand

One great track will get more attention than mediocre ones. Have patience. In the writing world, the old adage is that when you begin adding and removing the same comma the work is complete. The same goes for music. For now. Showcase your music to your inner circle. Tell them hkw want honest criticism. You can take it, after all.

how to write a music marketing plan

You can suffer the slings and arrows if it means that it will improve your music.]