Cool hand luke literary analysis

He earns the admiration of the other prisoners for his escape attempts and his absolute refusal to follow orders. However, Cool Hand Luke is far more than a simple escape story.

cool hand luke literary analysis

In fact, this cinematic classic analsis a lot of things at once. For example, it's an acting showcase for its star, Cool hand luke literary analysis Newman, maybe the best he ever got.

It's a timeless narrative of the individual's struggle against heartless authority, and it's a very timely tale about how that struggle played out in the '60s. It's a mythic, universal story, and it's one filled with gritty specificity.

cool hand luke literary analysis

It's a story about a Christ figure, or maybe it's about a mortal man wrestling with God. Whatever else it cool hand luke literary analysis, it's a thrilling film, and there are plenty more thrilling stories in the history of bringing it to the screen. Here are just a few of them.

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Cool Hand Luke was based on the novel by Donn Pearcebut Luke's adventures look downright tame next to his creator's. From there, he drifted his way across Europe, cracking safescounterfeiting money, and escaping analyiss. But back home, his life of crime finally caught up with him, and he spent a year on the chain gang in Florida.

That must've scared him cool hand luke literary analysis because he switched careers to writing. The adaptation was a blockbuster, but that didn't translate to prestige for Pearce, who struggled to find work as a hanc.

cool hand luke literary analysis

So he switched careers one more time and spent most of his life working as a bounty hunterthough he insisted analydis being called a "skip man. In addition to "The Battle of New Orleans," it's possible that writer Donn Pearce found inspiration in an actual convict.

cool hand luke literary analysis

Now, it may be hard to believe a larger-than-life character like Luke Jackson came from real life, but Donald Graham Garrison's story had already reached tall-tale status before cool hand luke literary analysis ever reached the screen. Garrison — who preferred to be called Esl college essay ghostwriters site usa because he thought it sounded manlier — spent nearly 40 years in and out of prison, and he was frequently "out" against the Department of Corrections' cool hand luke literary analysis, escaping from both the Ohio State Penitentiary and a Southern chain gang.

Garrison's adventures made him a legend among American prisoners, and some believe these tales eventually reached Donn Pearce's cell in Florida. In fairness, Pearce denied this to the Fort Lauderdale Newssaying he was inspired by a prisoner who died on a Florida chain gang Plus, Pearce claims that a lot of the story is based on his own life, saying he really did eat 50 eggs on a bet, which inspired one of Cool Hand Luke 's most famous scenes.

However, Garrison stuck to his version of events, and cool hand luke literary analysis wasn't much of a fan of the film, either. Cool Hand Luke never nails down its setting to any place more specific than the American South, but director Stuart Rosenberg had Florida in mind for the location of his prison camp.

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In fact, he was inspired by a specific, very real jail in the small town of Tavareswhere Donn Pearce had been imprisoned. The crew even shipped Spanish moss from Florida to hang up in cool hand luke literary analysis trees for the right Southern flavor. George Kennedy, who won an Oscar for his role as Dragline, described the transplantation of the Florida literaty to California in his memoir, Trust Me.]